Solo piano that is inspiring and enlivening. This album blends tranquil melodies with uplifting themes to create music that is both energizing and relaxing.

Stories from Illuminate...

Raindrops on the Lake

I wrote this piece while visiting Japan. I was observing some beautiful scenery in a traditional Japanese garden tucked inside the Shinjuku National Gardens, and was inspired by the lake surrounded by perfectly kept trees and bushes. I sat down on a nearby bench, pulled out my laptop, and wrote the first part of this piece while sitting under a nearby tree, trying to keep dry from the light rain that was falling. I finished the piece later and named it "Raindrops on the Lake," after the beautiful scene I witnessed in Japan.

The Abandoned Castle

This piece is a contrast between the glory and majesty that this imaginary castle once held, and the cold, abandoned and forgotten place it is now.

Morning Twilight

The original title of this piece was "Camhanaich," an old Gaelic word meaning "the part of morning that is so early it looks like twilight." The name "Morning Twilight" is much easier to pronounce! Imagine the peaceful wakening moments of the morning, when the stars are still out and the first rays are appearing on the horizon...

Prelude to Dusk

Imagine a quieting world as dusk approaches, and slipping into silence as the last rays of sun drop below the horizon.


"Journey" is the oldest song on this album - I wrote it when I was fifteen. Originally named "Catherine," this piece was dedicated to a young girl who lost her mom at only seven years old. This song symbolizes the journey of healing I hoped she would find. The theme in the beginning of the song returns multiple times in different ways, and is transposed to a major key in the last section. In the same way I hope that someday the memories of her mom would make her look back and smile, and her sadness would be replaced with joy.